Sunday, September 27, 2015

my passion towards LFC

its not just about the final scoreline,
as someone maybe said, "alah fahim tgk result sudahhh"

bile aku tgk liverpool main, segalanya sperti satu emosi baru untuk ku,
the way manager shaped his team formation,
who is in line up, their approach towards game,
their chance to youth player to develop,
their movement,
their spirit,
semuanya seperti meresap dlm jiwa aku.

sometimes, org yg tgk bola cmtu2 je, x kan perasan,
kadang manager akan tukar formasi mereka ketika dalam permainan,
it can be same 442. but it can be either flat 442 or also it can be diamond 442.
its also can be changed to 4411 as its not so different from above formation.
its all about battle and understanding they have.

and ia nya menyakitkan pabila melihat commnet2 org yg kurang arif dlm tactical bola, memberikan comment2 yang salah.
sometimes team kalah, dikatakan salah formasi drpd manager, tp bila diperhatikan formasi lawan, itu la formasi yg plg sesuai utk counter advantage formasi lawan.
apa yang menyebakan mereka tetap kalah walaupun dlm formasi yg betul?
ya banyak faktor! antaranya world class player yg sgt2 kurang dalam team liverpool sendiri.

YNWA! yeah surely ist difficult to find someone with same view with me, but surely there is here in the world. one of them are axello tacts in fb page.

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