Saturday, August 20, 2011

tentang hijab (taken from maria elena)

here are some point yg perlu di renungkan taken from maria elena.nak bace full article.ada kat end of post.

#but i realised after how i was 'bashed' in youtube and my blog, i did not cover my aurat properly.
some comments hurt me to the core and made me depressed too for a while because i couldn't understand ; i pakai tudung ni, lagi ramai nak condemn condemn. bila i free hair bukan main orang suka dress i la, suka rambut la, etc etc. aurat yang i dulu suka nak tunjuk, takde lak orang marah. skang dah tutup, ramai lak nak comment. aneh kan?

#i notice more and more hijabers are into photoshoots. i notice that photographers have 'muslimah photoshoot' or sewaktu dengannya. i realise there are contests in facebook yang the grand prize mesti ada 'photoshoot'. and then, the participants mesti ada yang gambar memang dari photoshoot ngan photographer mana entah siap watermark kat picture tu kan. and i notice some proudly call themselves 'model muslimah'. 
# kalau nak ikutkan definition 'muslimah', it means a muslim woman. regardless of the person being a hijaber or not, a muslim woman is a muslim woman.
but for some reason, in this generation, muslimah immediately means a hijaber. aneh.

 # i myself am a woman, so i know and completely understand the need to look good as a hijaber (especially) because dressing up and being covered from head to toe is not as easy as those who choose not to be covered. so it's like a challenge kan.
don't have to be in denial la..
everyone have that "i nak nampak lawa" moments. even guys (hehee!). so when i said "some damages has been done", i meant that, in one way or another, i had probably encouraged hijabers to think fashion and photoshoots are.. good..

 #i used to make statements like "who says muslim women can't dress up? who says women with hijab can't model?".
now i feel like slapping myself, because it should be "i wear the hijab, i cover myself up, because i am a muslim". i should respect the hijab for what it represents and not make it seem like its just a cloth on my head like an accessory.

 #the sole purpose of hijab is to cover our aurat and making it obvious to everyone that we are muslim whereas dressing up, wearing make up, looking pretty basically is only for our self-satisfaction.

and in my opinion, it's not wrong to want to look good. not at all.
it's not wrong to like photoshoots or whatever self-vanity related activities.

fashion is fun to follow too, i get it, but it's making us lose focus.
for example, we go online and we look at lookbook to know what's the latest trends. we get inspired, we hurriedly head on to a shopping mall or blogshop and hang around looking for that piece of clothing we pictured. then we spend money. sometimes distracted punya pasal, solat tak khusyuk. sometimes nak sangat baju tu, sampai solat pun tinggal. the same goes to modelling.

fashion becomes an obsession. modelling becomes a passion.
beautification becomes a necessity.

  # what will happen if the younger generations who wears the hijab terjebak with all this craze and influenced by it, thinking that looking good, being fashionable and photoshoots are more important than learning/improving? how about when they start to crave for fame?
i worry that they will spend more energy on being beautiful and getting noticed, hence become more materialistic and self-obsessed than they should be, forgetting the fact that whatever were given naturally, are blessings from Allah SWT.
then what's the reason of wearing the hijab? what happened to 'modesty'?
read full article here. taken from maria elena

***skadar renungan kite bersama.Yg merisaukan skarang adelah generasi skunk terlebey2hiburannye~including me.Susah untuk mengelak,kerana sdar x sdar kite sndiri di kelilingi dgn hiburan. Salah siapa?